Be patient and understand the

Ad their lov ones safe by updating them on the latest information and safety procures Being in close proximity to one another, even if it’s virtual, ensuring a sense of teamwork that they’re not alone Flexibility to work remotely Be flexible if you only work in an office Employees who have been infect with the coronavirus variant and focus on performing daily tasks or even working remotely so that the growth of your projects is not slow down or affect.  Try to be flexible with your appointments if a customer is infect.

You sell digital services

In fact for example they will not be able to attend Saudi Arabia Telegram Data your lectures or trainings. In this case customers will appreciate you for standing by them with responsiveness from suppliers and customers.  of orders either from suppliers or from customers. It’s important to respond quickly and let the customer know that the refund process may take time. If you must issue a refund try to give the customer a reason to come back when their health improves. To ensure customer loyalty, it is important to offer shopping vouchers or discount coupons for their next purchase.

Telegram Data

Sometimes you may receive cancellation

In any case we recommend you to  customer’s situation. Update your website or online store Once you have determin the approach and direction your project will take, update your website so customers know when your store is open, how you are Malaysia Email List operating, and if there are specific shipping directions or cancellations. You can include this in your FAQ questions page as customers repeat from time to time that it is best to offer free shipping or clearly explain the cancellation policy to customers. Creativity in finding alternative solutions You must be prepar to change.

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