Digital diagnostic test what is it and how is it performed

The digital diagnostic test is made up of 13 questions, which must be duly and obligatorily answer by the person responsible for each sme, after registering on the official website of the digital kit (acelera sme) subsidy program. The answers to these questions will determine the level of digital maturity of each sme, and then opt for the different plans of the digital kit. The starting point of the kit digital subsidy program is knowledge of the state of digital maturity of each sme. The digital transformation of smes is the objective of the kit digital program , which should improve the level of digital development of each sme in particular and of all of them in general. Each sme will receive a digital bonus.

The digital diagnostic

Test and the level of digital maturity the european commission has a standard for assessing digital maturity. This standard is well specifi in the desi (digital economy and society index) report. Which translates as the digital economy and society index. The level of digital maturity. Also known as the degree of digitalization , is group into four levels: very low, low, high Japan WhatsApp Number List and very high. The amount of the digital bonus that each sme receives, within the acelera pyme program, will depend on its degree of digital development, as well as the number of employees it has. Digital diagnostic test questions focus on sme employees the digital diagnostic test has three specific questions. To find out how involv your employees are with the correct digital management of the sme. Do you have actions to raise awareness among your employees about issues relat to security in terms.

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Security in the use of ict

Essential today to reduce the damage cause by cybercriminals . And staff must be made aware of these dangers, through courses or educational talks. What is the average percentage of your workforce that has an electronic device and uses the internet? This is a question that, if Belarus WhatsApp Number List answer with absolute objectivity, will give an exact idea of ​​how digitaliz the processes in your sme are. What is the average percentage of your workforce that has a portable device? This question is closely related to the previous one, but it is more specific, because there are fix or desktop devices and other portable ones. The latter are more suitable for highly mobile personnel. Digital diagnostic test questions focus on the use of social networks the digital diagnostic test provides two specific questions.

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