Do you know your company’s digital intensity index

The digital intensity index allows us to determine what level of digital maturity a company has reach. This is base on various factors that you will learn about below and will be very useful when requesting aid from the digital kit program . What is digital intensity index? This is an indicator that serves to detect what level of digital maturity a company is at. To do this, the number of technological tools that the company has and how it uses them for its economic activities is taken into account. This test is base on what is establish by the digital economy and society index (desi) publish by the european commission in 2020. What is the digital intensity index? The digital intensity index is base on factors such as: connectivity. Digital skills internet use by people integration of digital technologies. By digital companies and public services.

Digital economy and society index

Therefore, Digital intensity index base on these factors. The acelera pyme program has design a questionnaire that will serve to determine the digital level that your company has. And depending on this you will be Australia Telegram Number Data able to opt for certain amounts of aid. This test is done in two modalities. Express test, to discover the basics of the digital intensity index. Therefore, Evaluation made up of thirteen simple questions, which will only take you about ten minutes to complete. With this test you can determine how mature your sme is at a technological level. Base on what is impose by the desi . Thus your company would be position at any of these four levels: very low, low, high or very high. In this way you can determine what business aid program you can obtain. Advance test, for a more complete diagnosis of the digital intensity index with the advance test. You will answer 47 questions in approximately 20 minutes.

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The aim is to inform the owner

The company of the diagnosis of the state of his business and suggest what measures to take to improve his technological platform; such as, for example, opting for one of the sme digitalization kits that the program has. This test has been design base on the areas that are necessary for Algeria Telegram Number List digital transformation , such as: digital strategy. Digital organization. Infrastructure and technology. Relationship with customers. Commercialization. Business processes. Support processes. Cybersecurity. If you want to take both tests, you just have to go to the program’s website and follow the instructions. What is the acelera pyme program? The acelera pyme program is an initiative carried out by the spanish ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation, in compliance with the provisions of the european commission with the aim of reactivating the continent’s economy after the health crisis.

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