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The kit digital subsidy program launch by the government is an initiative fram in the recovery, transformation and resilience plan . This aid line is aim at promoting the digitalization of smes and self-employ people. To meet this objective, it has a budget for public investment of 3,067 million euros in the period 2021-2023. For their part, the beneficiaries will use the aid to incorporate specific digital solutions . By the way, a lot of faqs about kit digital keep coming to our proxima digital platform . In this article, we will answer some of them. Which are the requirements? The first of the frequently ask questions about digital. Kit according to order etd/1498/2021, of december 29, which approves the regulatory bases of the digital kit program , small businesses.

Small businesses with between

Microbusinesses with between 0 and 2 employees. In this sense, the calls will establish the segment or segments of beneficiaries who will have the opportunity to request aid at the time. Specific requirements to request the digital kit now we will specifically answer one of the most frequently Mexico WhatsApp Number List ask questions about digital kit that our readers ask. In summary, the requirements to apply for aid – whose fulfillment must be accredit in the manner determin in each call – are the following: have the status of a small business or microbusiness, in accordance with the provisions of annex I of commission regulation (eu) no. 651/2014 . In it, categories of aid compatible with the internal market are defin in line with articles 107 and 108 of the treaty. Likewise, it must be register in the census of businessmen.

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Not be considered a company in crisis

You must be up to date with tax and social security obligations. Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a previous decision by the european commission for illegal aid and incompatible with the common market. Not be subject to any of the prohibitions indicat. Such prohibitions include companies that are presum to be a continuation of others that have participat. Nor can it exce the Belize WhatsApp Number List limit of de minimis aid in accordance with the provisions of article 2.4 of the aforemention order etd/1498/2021. Likewise, to obtain beneficiary status, it is essential to carry out the digital maturity test to determine the level of digitalization of the company. You can access this test on the acelera pyme platform. When can I apply for the subsidy.

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