Subsidies for smes not included in the next generation funds

Regarding subsidies for smes financ by next generation funds, such as the digital kit programme , many business owners and partners in this segment of the economy are wondering if there are other aid options, apart from those support by the eu. Certainly, the government and the autonomous communities do contemplate a series of economic contribution programs for small and medium-size companies and startups. In this article we will explain some of them with their requirements and application submission deadlines. Dgipyme programs among subsidies for smes the general directorate of industry and small and medium enterprises, dgipyme , is an organization attach to the ministry of industry, commerce and tourism.

Among its purposes is to promote

Fluid communication between companies and agents of the different sectors on which the ministry’s action is projecte. To this end, it implements policies to support and promote small and medium-size businesses . This in order to boost its productive activity and improve its competitiveness. For these purposes, the directorate articulates the granting of Vietnam WhatsApp Number List subsidies for smes through the following instruments and programs: support program for innovative business groups among subsidies for smes the frequency of calls to apply for these aid is annual and the one corresponding to 2022 expire last march. Even so, we will give you the details so that you can meet the requeste requirements and prepare to participate in 2023. In itself, the innovative business groups program (aei) , launch in 2007, is part of the european strategy to promote competitiveness. To do this, it encourages the creation and development of innovative clusters.

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The plan channels public resources for innovation and business competitiveness strategies carrie out by associations of companies that register as innovative business groups in the ministry’s aei registry. The groups that can aspire to the program’s subsidies are those whose registration Austria WhatsApp Number List the aforemention registry is current on the date of each annual call. Such a requirement is set out in article, of november 17. In summary, the amounts of subsidies for smes in the different lines of the program are as follows: 1. Support for the operation of innovative business groups up.

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