The need for the digitalization of companies to improve

The digitalization of companies is increasingly necessary . Recent events are forcing businesses, regardless of their sector, to acquire digital tools to achieve their positioning in the online market. In this article we will tell you the advantages that digitalization has for your business and the incentives that the government is granting through the digital kit program . Why is it so necessary to carry out the digitalization of companies in spain? As a consequence of the pandemic, the world economy has been especially affected by the drop in activity, restrictions and the closure of all types of businesses to prevent the spread of the disease. That is why, as a measure to recover the economy, the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation began a technological update process for smes and the self-employe.

This process will be included

Transformation and resilience plan . Likewise, the digitalization process of smes is increasingly feasible thanks to the measures that the european community has carrie out to recover the economies of its UK Telegram Number Data member states by creating the “Next generation eu” recovery fund . Through this fund, it is plan to make more than 140 billion euros available to governments over the next six years. This program is very necessary, since it will benefit more than 2,927,231 smes and 3,200,000 self-employe people in spain. Many of them have been affect by the severe health restrictions and the negative impact that these have caus on the economy. The digitalization program is an alternative that aims to recover economic growth, promote job creation and rebuild the economy in a “Solid, inclusive and resilient” way. Thus, the digital kit program was born.

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What does the sme digitalization program

The digitalization program consists of a series of subsidies for smes that aim to cover the implementation of new digital technologies in their processes. This is carrie out with the purpose of including Argentina Telegram Number List them in the digital market, with all the benefits that this entails. The program is considering three modalities or levels of complexity: basic, medium, advance. These will be implement base on the needs and characteristics of each interest business. Also, it is intend to offer various tools to entrepreneurs, which are: digital business administration the business digitalization program covers the implementation of enterprise resource planning systems. These are programs that automate all types of processes such as: accounting logistics inventory management economic invoice communication and videoconferencing office automation cybersecurity backup and storage integration with electronic administration and digital signature.

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