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You are an ambassador. Promotion on is suitable for almost all companies because the platform has strong visual impact and wide customer coverage. pay you for your posts at a price that depends on the number of followers you have and your engagement rate. Micro-influencers with top followers can charge between $ to $ per post while larger influencers with top followers typically earn between $ to $ per post. You can offer your services to influencer marketing and advertising agencies or directly to different companies.

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Back by the year’s announcement of plans to Brazil Telegram Data invest over $100 million into programs that allow content creators to make money from the content they publish, one of these is the Creator Fund program, which allows you to monetize your content with ads as well as rewards and badges that you earn.  represent viewer support for content creators. People give them to you during the live stream. They are available for purchase in heart shapes.

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Their value ranges from USD to USD.  account Brazil Email List go to your profile on Click on the Professional Dashboard then click on Business Development and select Badges then on each broadcast click on the Badge icon Rewards As the name suggests these rewards are given as content creation Financial support after the researcher has achiev certain achievements. If you complete a series of live streams, engage with ads or create the requir number of reels, a rewards program will start working with you. Set up an online store.

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