What are the next steps after getting the digital voucher

Getting the digital bonus is a great opportunity if you have a business with which you intend to increase its level of digital maturity . Digitalization has been an objective for many companies for several years now. And although there were many businesses that had not established. The acquisition of technology as a priority, today it is almost an obligation to invest in it. Once you have benefited from this government aid program , you will surely ask yourself. How does it continue? To begin, you will have to carry out a process that, although it may seem tedious, is extremely simple and will only take you a few minutes. In this article we explain in detail everything you need to know about this phase of the process.

I managed to get the digital

Voucher and now, what should I do? Once you have registered and your company has gone through the applicability filters of the program, a notification will be sent to your email confirming this. Don’t forget that to reach this point, you must have previously answered the digital maturity test Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List that the program performs to verify the level of digitalization of your company. This is made up of a series of very simple questions that will allow you to assess the amount of money that will be granted to be able to access the technological solutions you need. These may range from 2,000 to 12,000 euros in total for each sme or self-employed person. As soon as you have received the notification informing you that you have been granted the digital voucher , you will have to select a digitizing agent . These are companies that will be in charge of providing you with the various digital solutions that your business needs.

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Digital kit program catalog

The catalog that the digital kit program has offers ten solutions, which are: website and online presence. Electronic commerce. Process management. Generation of electronic invoice. Secure communications. Customer management. Social network management. Services and tools for virtual offices. Cybersecurity. Business intelligence and analytics. All of these Armenia WhatsApp Number List solutions will help you give a big boost to your business, taking it to the next level and making it competitive in a market where profit opportunities considerably increase. Select a digitizing agent to select your affiliated digitizing agent , you must enter the program’s official website . When choosing it, you can do so by filtering by provinces in which it provides its services. You can also incorporate other filters, such as the economic activity of your company, the type of solution you want to implement or by keywords. This way, you will locate the ideal agent for your company.

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