What is desi the digital economy and society index

Through the reports of the digital economy and society index, desi , the european commission has been monitoring the digital progress of its member states since 2014. Every year the desi brings together country profiles in various categories related to the incorporation and use of ict. Such references help member states identify the areas that they must address as a priority in order to make the relevant policy decisions. In fact, desi has been fundamental in supporting initiatives such as the creation of the next generation eu european funds . The same ones that made it possible, among other plans, to carry out the digital kit program in spain. What is desi about? The desi , better known as the digital economy.

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With the profiles of each of these countries. Also including the thematic chapters, which provide an analysis in four key digital areas. In particular, the latest report published by the european commission shows the data for the first and second quarters of 2020. This means that South Africa WhatsApp Number List there is information regarding the beginning of the pandemic caused by covid-19. However, the effect produced by this pandemic will have a better scenario for the year 2022. The 2021 report was compiled to take into account the initiatives proposed in the recovery plan for europe. Currently, all member states have achieved the objective of applying approximately 20% of each of their national allocations to the digital field. Just as the recovery plans propose.

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We find greece, bulgaria and romania. According to this report, ireland and denmark made more relevant progress compared to the last edition, followed by holland, spain and sweden. It is worth mentioning that these countries have already exceeded the european average. Despite the above, some aspects are not entirely encouraging. One of them is. That the distance between the Benin WhatsApp Number List countries that top the ranking and those. That have a low score is still too wide. Despite the improvements achieved in several areas, they must still. Continue to increase their efforts to achieve the objectives of europe’s digital decade . Among the most recent desi results , it can be highlighted that, in the area of ​​digital capabilities, approximately 56% of european union citizens have managed to reach an average level. Apart from experiencing.

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