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Authors Any tags you find useful in your workflow such as sponsored or outsourced. traffic potential In our case I think Notion provides great and free Key Words Delivery functionality for creating content calendars. You can create a subject database and switch between different views to get the data information you need at any given moment. Example of a content calendar made with Notion . Create optimized blog posts Google wants to provide relevant and useful content for any user search.

So as bloggers our job is to understand

What users are really looking for and how to make that content stand out from the rest while still delivering the desired content. This is what Phone Number List content optimization is all about. We need to pay attention to the following four things Content format and angle i.e. other parts that match the search intent Search engines can tell us what points we can make in our content What quality content means to Google On-page SEO optimization techniques titles meta descriptions alt text etc.

Content format and angle Choosing


Phone Number List

A content format is basically deciding whether any given blog post is going to be a list article menu guide Definition articles Tutorial As for the content perspective it is the unique selling point of a page. It should grab the searchers attention BO Directory and point out what makes the page special. For example best free in top etc. How do you come up with these two parts Just like we did with content format during content research – look at the search engine results pages SERPs. For example for the keyword how to make money online we can see that list-style articles dominate the

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