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Selling This is of course in addition to the export  country. The first and most important thing you must make sure is that you The product is not on the list of prohibit or restrict imports. Neither the product nor any of its components. What we are telling you may be strange, but for example some countries and regions impose restrictions on the import of certain items such as batteries or products containing batteries. So you must check to be sure. All licenses and documents requir for shipping methods and exporting products.

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Government websites and export agencies Thailand Telegram Data everything see for yourself. Another important factor that you must determine when creating an online store to engage in international trading is whether you will be able to sell on Amazon and Wait for the products to be sold on major markets or to sell the products in your own store. Admittly these prices are large but they consume a lot of your profits. Therefore we recommend that you create an online store so that you have more freom to follow your own policies. There will be no loss on sales and you will have full control over your brand and items.

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There will be no ne to pay  to understand the Thailand Email List tax system when exporting products and selling them abroad in order to add and calculate them in your online store. Market your store online now You already have an online store. It is important to have a marketing plan ready to reach your target customers in new markets because marketing will lead to customers visiting your website or store. This plan will help you focus more on defining your goals and defining your priorities. It will also help you monitor the program Constantly.

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