The great opportunity for the digitalization of smes in spain

There is no doubt that the world is moving towards digital services and the internet . The arrival of cloud solutions for businesses and the need to have a strong online presence, among others, are increasingly pronounce trends. Therefore, the digitalization of smes is a fundamental piece in the evolution towards a more modern and update country. In the following paragraphs we talk about the digital kit , a proposal that comes from the european next generation funds and that will allow the digitalization of smes and millions of self-employe people in different areas of their business. Digital kit: what exactly it is and how it influences the digitalization of smes the digital kit , also known as the digital bonus or the accelera sme program , is an initiative of the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation that aims to digitize smes , microbusinesses and the self-employe.

An entity of the secretary of state

Digitalization and artificial intelligence, is fram . This project as a whole has a budget of 4,000 million euros. The objectives of the accelera pyme plan according to the official documentation, the India Telegram Number Data objectives of acelera pyme and the digital kit are four: promote the digital transformation of spanish smes , facilitating access to advisory and training services to have more competent workers. Generate an ecosystem with the digitalization of smes and a community throughout the spanish territory around the migration to digital services . Provide access to quality services so that smes can begin their digital transformation and begin to use updated tools in different areas. Create a beneficial entrepreneurship climate for all actors involved. Likewise, it seeks to promote some strategic sectors for the sustainable development goals proposed by the central government.

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Services covered by the kit for the digitalization

Therefore, The digital kit covers a series of areas relate to the digitalization of smes . Take a look at all the categories that include grants to choose the one that best suits your business: web page design of a complete website Bahrain Telegram Number List and maintenance for a specific period of time. Aid of up to 2,000 euros . Online store creation of a digital commerce platform to sell products. Up to 2,000 euros of aid. Social networks social network management and company promotion. Up to 2,500 euros of aid in this field. Cybersecurity improvement of the work environment and process safety. Up to 125 euros per user are subsidized . Customer management optimization of relationships and commercial opportunities with sme clients. Up to 4,000 euros of aid for this area. Process management the digitalization of business flows , finances and other management aspects are subsidized with up to 6,000 euros.


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