Unable to gain insight into the in-depth needs of customer

When it comes to gaining insight into customer nees. our marketers’ habitual reaction may be market research. but can the nees really be aske Many surveys are fille with a lot of meaningless questions that do not help us understand the nees at all. Why will customers buy It must be because you meet his nees. that is. you are valuable to him Demand relate to product and service provision is actually a “want” consciousness forme by customers base on “value perception”.


In the process of clarifying demand awareness

Value perception is a key factor. Therefore. insight into customer nees is transforme into Decision Maker Email List another expression. which is the brand’s deep exploration of self-worth and how to convey it to customers in an appropriate way and let them perceive it. So. what are some actionable ways to gain insight into your customers I personally recommend two more practical methods: The first is to use tools such as the value element pyramid to analyze layer by layer starting from the lowest value to help clarify which levels of value elements we provide; in the process. we can also find ways to obtain the value elements of competitors. compare and make Quantitative Study. 


The second is to draw a customer journey map

understand the procurement process and decision-making roles. understand the value that BO Directory different roles value. and analyze our value delivery and customer perception. Discuss the 4 difficulties face by B2B enterprise CMOs in marketing innovation 4. Private domain traffic is difficult to convert. and I don’t know how to effectively link it with sales. How to enhance the conversion of sales leads Ping Pingyuan. executive vice president of Haitian AAC and senior sales management expert. said: 4.1 Accept and understand the sales thinking logic that is different from market thinking – senior leaders and sales departments of B2B companies will pay more attention to the direct promotion effect of market expenses on business.


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