Aid for smes available entrepreneur or self-employed

As an entrepreneur or self-employed person, perhaps you are wanting to give your project a boost to make it more productive. In some way you want to increase your impact in the market, but you feel that you do not have enough resources or tools to achieve it. Below, we present a list of aid for smes and the self-employed that you can request in 2022. Among them, we highlight and broadly explain the government’s digital kit program. Promotion of self-employment among the main aid for smes these subsidies, channeled by the ministry of labor and social economy, seek to promote self-employment and entrepreneurial culture , through policies focused on the establishment and development of self-employed economic and professional projects. Subsidy for establishment as a self-employed worker these subsidies vary according to certain factors, including the autonomous community in which you live. In general terms, the amounts range.

The competent public employment services

Determine the amounts to be allocated, adjusting them based on the applicant’s difficulty in accessing the labor market . Likewise, they will take into account your inclusion in one of the following groups: unemployed in general. Unemployed young people aged 30 or younger. Unemployed Hong Kong Telegram Number Data women. Part of the conditions to qualify for this aid are to remain self-employed for a minimum of two years. The request is by simple concurrence and will be granted until the available budget is exhausted. Aid to companies for technical assistance in this case, we are talking about partial financing for the external contracting of services that improve the development of business activity . For example: feasibility and market studies, marketing, management analysis, diagnoses or other similar. The amount can cover up to 75% of the cost of the services provided, with a maximum amount euros.

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Subsidies for in-company training programs

Through this subsidy you could finance up to 75% of the cost of courses for training in business management and direction ; as well as in the use of new information and communication technologies. The Australia Telegram Number List maximum amount of aid is 3,000 euros. Aid for smes in the autonomous communities to find specific information on aid for smes and programs aimed at entrepreneurship and self-employment in the autonomous communities, we invite you to follow this sepe link . From there, you will be able to find out the initiatives of each autonomy in this regard. Digital kit stands out among the aid for smes and the self-employed in 2022 the launch of the digital kit program for smes and the self-employed will help the digitalization of both small and medium-sized businesses.

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