Main aid for companies beyond digital kit

Spain has various aid for companies available to its citizens , in addition to the accelera sme program. In order to promote the growth of these businesses. These are a series of economic benefits that you can take advantage of to boost your business and take it to the next level. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about these subsidies. And what benefits those who apply to receive them obtain. Is there other aid for companies in addition to the digital kit? Both the central government and regional. Organizations offer all kinds of aid for companies to stimulate the economy. In addition to the acelera sme program , there are other subsidies available; we will mention some of them below: ico aid and loans in spain, there is the official credit institute , a public business entity, attach to the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation.

This organization is a public

Bank that is responsible for offering all types of aid and socioeconomic benefits to spanish companies, especially smes. The bank can offer up to 12.5 million euros in bonuses, which can be received in one or several financial operations. These resources may be used for investment projects, business India WhatsApp Number List activities. All kinds and rehabilitation of buildings. These grants operate in a similar way to the acelera sme program. Since it can also be use to finance some aspects includ in it, such as the digitalization of companies . In this way, you have one more alternative to digitize your company with state subsidies . Ico loans can be amortiz over up to 20 years and can have two interest rates; fix or variable, depending on the amount grant.

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Minimis aid from the european commission

These are various aids granted to european citizens by member states that do not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros. These are govern by the regulations of the european commission. Where member states may not grant amounts greater than the aforemention figure. In order to stimulate Bahamas Whatsapp Number List free competition in the bloc. According to the ministry of finance, these aid can be grant in the agricultural. Mining, services, hospitality and practically any sector that carries out an economic activity. Business support program for women (paem) if you are an entrepreneurial woman. The paem may be your ideal grant. This national program seeks to promote and support the economic and business activity of women. He has been dedicat to business advice. And providing financing to women for more than 15 years through the women’s institute. Ministry of health, social services and equality ; the chambers of commerce ; and the european social fund.

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