Cybersecurity basics for smes

Cybersecurity is a word we should all be familiar with. Whether on a personal or work level, keeping our devices protected is essential to improve privacy and avoid cyberattacks . Although it sometimes seems that only large companies are vulnerable to problems related to digital security , the truth is that smes are also in a difficult position in this regard. The following sections focus precisely on cybersecurity for smes . Here we talk about the most common threats that organizations of all types can suffer and what practices are advisable to protect themselves. Likewise, we tell you how the digital kit helps small and medium-sized companies to improve their internet security , accelerate their digital transformation and prevent cyberattacks . Most frequent cybersecurity threats the threats used by cybercriminals to attack companies and individuals are not a secret.

Knowing them closely is one

The most effective ways to protect yourself from external attacks. We must not overlook the fact that we store more and more data in digital format, a fact that has triggered the need to improve Indonesia WhatsApp Number List internet security . What do smes face every day? Let’s see. Identity fraud . This is a technique known as phishing . Using deception and social engineering techniques , it tries to extract as much data from the victim to impersonate them. Subsequently, once the objective has been achieved, the attack is directed against the servers or other users. Spyware . These malicious programs are sometimes called spyware or trojans. Typically, their appearance is harmless, although in the background they are responsible for monitoring users to steal sensitive information . Virus . Malicious programs that modify the behavior of a computer system . Sometimes they cause irreparable damage to the equipment.

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They arrive from different sources

Such as email or the internet. Information kidnapping . Or ransomware . It consists of stealing all of a company’s important data and deleting any backup copies . In exchange for recovering the information, the attacker asks for a ransom, which usually corresponds to a very high amount of money. To all these terms we should add malware , a generic way of referring to any software, application or program that is malicious and that seeks to damage a computer system or the information it contains. How to protect yourself and increase cybersecurity in smes there are a large number of dangers that smes face every day. How to protect yourself and increase security on the internet ? Let’s look at some recommendations. Bet on employee training employees of an sme must have the basic resources to protect the company’s computer system . Of course, they will not be able to take full advantage of them if they do not have the appropriate training.


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