Accelerate smes who can benefit from the aid and how to access it

The accelera pyme program is one of the government’s new initiatives, following the guidelines of the european union, which seek economic recovery after a process as tough as the pandemic that has greatly affected the world’s economies. To achieve this, and with a huge amount of resources, spain is moving towards the digitalization of its companies at all levels. Below, we tell you everything you need to know about this program and how you can obtain this aid. What is the acelera pyme program? Accelera pyme is a project that the ministry of economic affairs and digital transformation has implemented to improve the technological platform for self-employed workers and small spanish businesses. This is done following the guidelines imposed by the eu and its next generation eu funds , which aim to invest more than 800 billion euros in the economic recovery after the pandemic.

Among the key points of the european

Program approved the following stand out: implement a recovery and resilience mechanism , which seeks to mitigate the impact of the pandemic from a social perspective by reinventing european economies, making them more sustainable, planet-friendly and more. Carry out the reform of the energy system with renewable alternatives. Aid will be provided for the recovery and cohesion of all european territories. Nearly 4 billion of these Canada Telegram Number Data funds will be invested in a first stage for the reconstruction of the economy and the economic updating of the infrastructure of spanish smes, thus promoting digital transformation through the kit digital program . Who can access the acelera pyme program? The acelera pyme program and the digital bonus it offers are intende for: freelancers: independent professionals who want to offer their services through media such as the web.

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Micro-businesses companies

Small businesses: businesses with staff between 10 and 49 employees. The digital bonus can reach up to 12,000 euros per company. This will depend on the company’s digital maturity index , which will determine whether it requires a basic, intermediate or advance digital toolkit . Where Albania Telegram Number List can I register to apply for this program? To register and receive aid from the digital kit , you just have to go to the official acelera pyme website and follow the instructions. Thus, you will be able to carry out your request and receive your bonus for the digital transformation of smes . At proxima digital we can do the management on your behalf to save you time. With the arrival of the coronavirus and the restrictions, a large number of small and medium-size companies were affect, since only 6% of that number had technology in their processes.



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