Bonded digitizing agent what should we consider when choosing it

Did you know that a digitization agent affiliated with the digital kit program can help you manage the bonus to digitize your company? That’s how it is! In addition to offering you the solutions covered by this government plan, a digitization agent has the power to advise you and help you meet the requirements to opt for the subsidy. Keep reading and you will learn the profile that these agents should have and how to choose the most suitable one. What is a bonded digitizing agent? Order etd/1498/2021, of december 29, makes official the approval of the regulatory bases of the digital kit program . In the aforementioned order we find a complete description of the profile and actions of a digitizing agent adhered to said plan. According to article 10.2 of the aforementioned order, the adhered digitizing agents are those companies or self-employed professionals.

Capable of offering the beneficiaries

The aforementioned program the digitization solutions contemplated in the digital kit solutions catalog . Later, we will briefly explain this service relationship. Apart from the above, said agents can voluntarily Brazil WhatsApp Number List help beneficiary companies in the application. Therefore, management and accreditation of aid (article 10.4). What are the solutions that these agents should offer? The digital kit program solutions catalog details the resources and services that the plan will cover and that will be covered by the voucher. They are: website and internet presence the purpose of this service is to promote the presence of smes and self-employed workers on the internet, through the development of a website ; as well as the series of related services that improve your basic positioning on the internet. Specific: domain. Web design. Hosting. Responsive design. Accessibility. Search engine optimization (basic seo), etc.

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E-commerce in this area

Therefore, The objective is to design and develop an ecommerce platform for the purchase and sale of products and/or services that use digital media for their exchange. The solutions and services that the attached digitizing agent must provide in this case are: develop the ecommerce platform. Configure Belgium WhatsApp Number List and integrate digital and physical shipping options for marketed products. Include payment methods. To the above, what has already been mentioned for web pages must be added. Social media management as they are channels for interaction with captured and potential customers, social media management can include: social media plan or social media strategy . Monitoring of social networks with periodic measurement, using reference metrics of the impact of the content. Network optimization and/or social media audit . Management of a social platform. This is managing the company’s profile on at least one social network.

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