What is a digitizing agent and who can be one

When we talk about a digitizing agent we are referring to a company authorized to provide the beneficiaries of the digital kit program with the services contemplated therein. Without a doubt, the accelerated digitalization of the economy is one of the most notable technological transformations of our time. As they incorporate new digital tools , organizations experience constant innovation in aspects such as industrial processes, operational and human talent management, customer relations, marketing and even inter-company cooperation. On the other hand, the ability to manage and process data, as well as the development of artificial intelligence , are reconfiguring the economy. The clearest manifestations of this phenomenon are the emergence of innovative companies and the generation of new internationalization opportunities.

European institutions place spain

However, recent reports from european institutions place spain at a low level of digitalization and digital skills. Specifically in the small business, microbusiness and self-employed segments. This Turkey WhatsApp Number List circumstance makes it difficult to fully take advantage of the economic potential that new technologies provide. The digitalization of the aforementioned sectors would be one of the main drivers of the updating of the spanish economy and its growth. In the term, this would improve the productivity of all productive areas and increase their size and capacity. To this end, the transformation and resilience recovery plan promoted by the government plans to invest 3,067 million euros in the period 2021-2023. With this amount, it seeks to provide a set of digital solutions already available on the market – “digital kit” – to the aforementioned segments of the spanish economy.

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The digitizing agent in the context

The digital kit program among its objectives, the recovery plan includes contributing to the digitalization of small and medium-sized businesses , microbusinesses and self-employed people. For this purpose, it incorporates reforms and investments aimed at stimulating the creation of companies and/or promoting their growth and restructuring. It also seeks to improve Bolivia WhatsApp Number List the business climate, support processes that increase productivity through digitalization, innovation and internationalization. Among these projects is the digital kit program , already underway and whose details and requirements we talk about in other posts. This program aims to grant aid to smes and self-employed people to adopt digitalization solutions . Beneficiaries will receive a subsidy or “digital bonus” according to their size, determined by their number of employees. This bonus will only be made effective when a digitizing agent , on behalf of the beneficiary, presents a supporting account.


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