Types of digital aid contemplated in the program for smes

According to studies by the european commission, only companies with a higher digital maturity index were able to mitigate the effects of the global pandemic. For example: service companies with a website. Online payment system, good presence on social networks and adequate. Remote work services were able to adequately address the quarantine. Why provide different types of digital aid to smes? Firstly, throughout europe there are more than 25 million smes and they make up 50% of gdp, generating 2/3 of jobs. Therefore, if smes are encourag with different types of digital aid , a direct investment will be made that will strengthen the economy of the entire community. I.

If compared to other countries

The european union, spain is lagging behind in relation to the percentage of smes with a good level of digital maturity . Therefore, it is imperative to carry out an aid plan to improve this situation. The european commission is convinced that without an efficient digitalization plan for smes, a Lebanon WhatsApp Number List sustainable economic recovery will be impossible. What are next generation eu funds? The next generation eu funds are not. Only to finance the digitalization plan for smes throughout europe, but to support. Everything relat to a comprehensive medium-term economic recovery plan (2025). These funds reach 800,000 million euros. With the next generation eu funds, a sustainable economic recovery is sought.

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This ministry has created

The acelera pyme program , within which the digital kit has been detail. This program has begun to operate as of march 2022 , with a total allocat amount of 3,067 million euros. The digital kit specifies everything relat to the types of digital aid , as well as the amounts of each digital bonus that corresponds to each sme according to their needs. Which smes will be able to opt for the different types of digital aid? The acelera pyme program specifies the following groups of smes : self-employ people and companies with 1 or 2 employees; between 3 and 9 employees; and between 9 and 49. The digital kit will only be available for these three groups of smes mention.


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